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a wonderful and unique software on the web, which provides all the tools to create ebook and paperback covers in a simple way.

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This short video illustrates how simple it is to create a cover for your book.

Just select in our portfolio the graphic items you need and use the transform tool to perform individual transformations: translation, rotation , scaling, etc…

The only limit you may find is your creativity. But we have a solution even for this!

If you’re not so skilled, just use our themes. Choose one as starting point, customize it and you will be ready to go

You only need to insert title and author name for having your personal unique cover.

Take a look our tutorials to make a great and unique cover!.

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Sample cover: best wine 2014


Creating a cover has never been so simple! You don't need to have any professional or graphic skill. Drag and drop your graphical items, and your cover will be ready to go.

Horror sample cover

Ready to go

Choose the theme that’s right for you and feel free to make any change you feel necessary. Our themes are just samples and starting points for creating your personal and original cover.

Food sample ebook cover

Tons of graphic stuff

Select among thousands of fonts, images, backgrounds and more to create your personal cover or to customize a ready to go template cover.

Love sample cover

Earn Money

We look for brilliants graphic designers. Create your original and fancy covers to make money and contact us. Each cover you sell, you get results!

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Committed to create self-made eBook covers, our website offers a wide range of proposals to meet the needs of every author who would like to design a book cover all by himself.

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Sample cover: best wine 2014
Horror sample cover
Food sample ebook cover
Love sample cover

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